Elite Sport Psychology Group


What Your Basic Identity Package Includes

Your Basic Business Identity Package includes the following crucial business items:

  1. 100+ business cards identifying you as the President of your consulting company.
  2. 100 pieces of attractive Group letterhead stationery.
  3. 100 Group letterhead business envelopes.
  4. Professional press release to give to your local media identifying you and your new business within the community.
    • Optional items:
    • Short-sleeve Performance Polo shirt with the GROUP logo or
    • Long-sleeve Cotton-Poly wrinkle-free Oxford shirt with the GROUP logo.

What Your Foundation Package Includes

  1. 100 Success Factors Scales ® - Athletics Edition information pamphlets to give to your clients.
  2. 100 Success Factors Scales ® - Athletics Edition on-line entry codes to sell to your clients.

The Value of Your Business Packages

Your Identity and Foundation Charter Membership packages carry tremendous value:

1.100+ Business Cards$55
2.100 Group letterhead stationery$65
3.100 Group business envelopes$65
4.100 information pamphlets$85
5.100 online entry codes @ $129 each$12,900
6.Press release to your local media$300 Will open doors for you.
Total Value:    $13,470.00

How Do You Get Your Clients?

They contact you.

Your press release will undoubtedly bring you some phone calls and emails from prospective clients. When that contact comes, be prepared to listen carefully to what the prospective client is asking you. Do they want you to help with a general problem affecting the team, or a specific problem surrounding an individual player?

You contact them.

In all likelihood, you will need to seek out potential clients. There are multiple options for you to consider. Here’s how you get started.

Bonus Package Item #1

Become a CHARTER BUSINESS MEMBER of THE ELITE SPORT PSYCHOLOGY GROUP ™ today, and receive a lengthy list of potential sources of clients.

Bonus Package Item #2

Become a CHARTER BUSINESS MEMBER of THE ELITE SPORT PSYCHOLOGY GROUP ™ today, and receive a list of effective introductory communication approaches that will get you in the door with potential clients.

What Do YOU Bring to the Business?

You bring your CREATIVITY. You bring your PASSION. You bring your VISION. You bring your WORK ETHIC. You bring your ORGANIZATIONAL SKILLS. You bring your COMMUNICATION SKILLS. You bring your EXPERTISE as a professional sport psychologist/sport psychology consultant.

The Scales is the Foundation for Your Business

The Scales is the foundation of your consulting business. You must always emphasize during your conversations with clients that the assessment instrument is a proven scientific instrument. This means that the results of the assessment are credible because the instrument has been scientifically validated when it was developed.

It is your job to promote the use of the Scales to begin the consulting process with the team or individual. The Scales gives you feedback on 10 psychological traits. The problem you will encounter with the team or individual athlete can probably be addressed from the results of the Scales. The answer to the problem will lie within the Executive Summary results of 10 "Intangibles of Winning" traits. Since coaches often mention the "Intangibles of Winning" to their players, you need to impress upon the coach that you can scientifically assess the level of strength of their players regarding the "Intangibles of Winning."

How Do You Gain Access to the Instrument?

  1. Go to www.successfactorsscales.com, and click on "Athlete Enter Here."
  2. Follow the prompts to the demographic information page.
  3. Follow the prompts to the Payment page. When you sell the codes, this would be the location where the code is inserted into the box asking for a code or credit card payment.
  4. After inserting the code, the student-athlete would complete the assessment and print a copy of the Executive Summary.

What is the Executive Summary?

The Executive Summary is a personalized 15-page document that each person receives upon completion of the assessment. The individual is able to print out each page to keep as a record. The contents of the Executive Summary include a graphic display of the test results, an interpretation of high, mid, and low range scores, and a copy of the History of the Development of the Success Factors Scales ® - Athletics Edition. You can view a sample Executive Summary at www.successfactorsscales.com/Example.asp.

How is the Price of the Assessment Determined?

As you noticed in the "Value of Your Business Packages" section above, each code was valued at $129 each. That number is presently the cost for one single test at the website. But you can sell the codes for an amount  above or below that price. That price was set high enough to indicate the importance of the information each individual will receive, and low enough to mirror the tough economic times many families are experiencing today.

Another incentive for the client is to purchase 10 or more codes at a discounted price. At this time, the price for 10+ codes is $99 each at the website. Again, you can utilize this discount strategy or ignore it.

My point is that your price should be comparable to what is being offered at the website for any person surfing the web who happens upon the Scales and decides to participate immediately. Prices can be changed at the website quickly. You would just need to contact me if your codes were sold at a higher fee schedule so I could change them at the website to mirror your fee schedule.

Besides Selling Codes, How Else Do You Make Money?

As a Charter Member of THE ELITE SPORT PSYCHOLOGY GROUP ™, your credibility will afford you the opportunity to supplement your income via a variety of additional income sources. A critical element is determining an hourly consulting fee for your expertise.

For a beginning sport psychologist/consultant, an hourly rate of $50-$85 is realistic and very fair to a client.  Remember, sport psychology is a luxury service.  As you gain experience over the years working with clients and feel your reputation and credibility make you one of your area’s top sport psychology experts, raising that fee to the hourly rate of $100-$150 is justified. But be flexible and intuitive enough to decide which level you believe your client can afford. If you get the opportunity to work with professional athletes and organizations, you can negotiate another level of fee rate for your services.

So what kind of activities would justify utilizing an hourly fee schedule? Here are some ideas.

  1. Individual consultations with players and/or coaches.
  2. Developing performance enhancement programs for individual athletes or sports teams, utilizing the results of the Scales ®.
  3. Developing Performance Audits for teams using the results of the Scales ® as the foundation.
  4. Time spent preparing for a group presentation to players, coaches, or booster club groups.
  5. Time spent preparing for a Coach’s Clinic for youth sport coaches and parents.
  6. Giving group presentations to players, coaches, and booster club groups.
  7. Giving group presentations at Coach’s Clinics for youth sport coaches and parents.

In other words, your time and expertise are valuable assets when performing your duties as a sport psychology consultant. Carefully consider all assignments you are asked to perform for a client before telling the client what your fee will be to complete those assignments.

Many sport psychology consultants will blurt out a number to the client, which is usually on the very low end of the scale for the true value of the assignment. So take the time to get it right by determining how long it will take you to professionally complete the preparation and deliverance of the assignment. And be prepared to give your client an item-by-item account that justifies your fee. They will greatly appreciate it, and it serves as future guidelines for you.

What are the Costs of Buying a Business?

Application fees associated with buying a business vary. But here are some examples:

1.Jimmy John’s Sandwich Shops$80,000
2.DQ Grill & Chill$175,000
3.IN2IT Nutrition and Fitness$50,000
4.The UPS Store$60,000
5.McDonald’s Hamburgers$250,000

No Formal Contract to Sign

When you become a Charter Business Member of THE ELITE SPORT PSYCHOLOGY GROUP ™, you are joining as an Independent Contractor. For tax purposes, this means you are the sole proprietor of your business. You are not a franchisee of the Group. You are simply joining the Group to gain access to the benefits provided by the consortium.

You will be asked to sign an informal Agreement document stating you will not attempt to hack into the Scales website to steal technology or fraudulently access/change any aspect of the instrument. You will also be asked not to copy in any way all literature that carries a trademarked name/logo on it. This would include the business card, stationery, and pamphlet.

What is Your Investment to Join?

The start-up costs for a new business can vary greatly depending on multiple variables.

  • Will you work from home or rent office space?
  • What kind of budget will you need to establish an identity that affords you credibility in the process?
  • What kind of time commitment is demanded of you to create a scientific foundation instrument that relates to coaches and athletes on the middle school, high school, collegiate, and professional level of competition?

Joining THE ELITE SPORT PSYCHOLOGY GROUP ™ answers all of the critical questions mentioned above. Joining the GROUP saves you TIME and MONEY, and allows you to quickly enter the field of professional sport psychology consulting.




How Do You Justify This Amount?

"Whoa! That’s a huge amount of money!" you’re telling yourself. "Why does it cost so much?"

Let’s examine that Charter Business Membership Fee. Are you getting your money’s worth for such a big investment? I believe this is a small price to pay for a start-up professional sport psychology consulting business because THE ELITE SPORT PSYCHOLOGY GROUP ™ is saving you a tremendous amount of TIME (which translates into saving you a lot of Money).We’ll use the $50/hour consulting rate to calculate the savings you will experience.

"Justify the Price" Point #1: Creating a Scientific Assessment Instrument.
How long would it take you to create, pre-test, analyze, secure your nationwide sample groups, test, analyze again, develop a scale, create the interpretation of the scale, construct a website for the instrument, and upload the assessment and "mathematical" infrastructure and functionality to the website? It took me roughly 18 months. Around 540 days. I averaged around 8-10 hours a day on the project. And that was seven days a week. Almost 5000 hours of time. Plus, this was not counting the cost associated with cross country travel by air and car to test the instrument with my sport-specific male and female student-athlete sample groups.
Conservative estimate of savings to you: $243,000 (4860 hours x $50/hour).

"Justify the Price" Point #2: Creating a Business Name.
How long would it take you to create the name of your business? Let’s be very idealistic, and say it takes you one hour. In all likelihood, it would take you two to three times that amount. Savings to you: $50.

"Justify the Price" Point #3: Creating your Business Card.
How long would it take you to create your business card? Employing an artist or designer, plus a professional copywriter, to work on it could cost $100 to $150 per hour. But let’s say you do it yourself. Even after you have your business name, how do you incorporate it into a business card? Again, let’s be idealistic and say it’s also one hour of your time, when it would be at least twice that amount.
Savings to you: $50.

"Justify the Price" Point #4: Creating your Business Letterhead Stationery.
How long would it take you to create your business letterhead stationery? The artist, designer, and copywriter would cost you $100 to $150 per hour again. Even with your business name already established, what do you want the design of the letterhead to look like? Now we’re talking font style, size, and color scheme, plus type, quality, weight, and color of paper stock. Will you create it yourself, or have some graphics person create it? And who is going to print it for you? So now we’re talking about creation time plus travel time to graphic artist/printing facility. Realistic time frame to create and print your letterhead: Three to five hours easily. Idealistic time frame for this point justification: Let’s say two hours.
Savings to you: $100.

"Justify the Price" Point #5: Creating your Business Envelopes.
How long would it take you to create your business envelope? You can probably combine this obligation with the letterhead project. You still need to decide on type, quality, size, and color of envelope, plus font size and color for the return address pre-printed on the envelope. Realistic and idealistic time frame: One hour.
Savings to you: $50.

"Justify the Price" Point #6: Creating your Scales Information Pamphlet.
How long would it take you to create the information pamphlet to leave with potential clients? This pamphlet also works as another business card for you. This would most likely be a four-sided one-or-two-color pamphlet in order to get all the important information assembled into one piece of literature. There are two parts to this project: Content and look. What do you want to say, and how do you want the pamphlet to look? It took me days and several trips to my printer to finally decide on the final product. Realistic time for creation and travel: 20-30 hours. Idealistic: Let’s say 20 hours.
Savings to you: $1000.

"Justify the Price" Point #7: Creating your Business Press Release.
How long would it take you to create the press release to send to the local media in your town? A good copywriter will cost you $100 per hour. If you have no clue as to format or content or length, you can always google "press release" and see what appears. There is a template out there on the internet that you can utilize, but you still have to find it. Plus, you still have to create the content for the press release. Realistic time frame to create/locate a template plus write the content: 5-6 hours. Idealistic: Let’s say 4 hours.
Savings to you: $200.

Total Value of Your Business Packages
For Time Saved Plus Content

1.Identity and Foundation Packages $13,470
2.Time saved: Scientific Assessment Tool.$243,000
3.Time saved: Business Name.$50
4.Time saved: Business Card.$50
5.Time saved: Business Letterhead$100
6.Time saved: Business Envelopes$50
7.Time saved: Information Pamphlet$1000
8.Time saved: Press Release$200
Total Value:    $257,920.00


Joining the ELITE SPORT PSYCHOLOGY GROUP ™ will save you at the minimum

  • 5000+ hours of your precious time and
  • gives you a value of over 100 times the amount of the Charter Business Membership fee.

But that’s not all...

Bonus Package Item #3

Charter Business Members will have ALL Content items personalized to include

  1. Business Card: Your name, education designator, mailing address, phone, fax, cell phone number, and email address. (Re-order Value: $65)
  2. Business Stationery: Name, education designator, President of the company. (Re-order Value: $75)
  3. Business Envelope: Company name and mailing address. (Re-order Value: $75)
  4. Information Pamphlets: Name, education designator, mailing address, phone, fax, cell phone number, and email address. (Re-order Value: $95)

Total Value for Personalization: $310.00

But I’m not stopping there...

Bonus Package Item #4

Charter Members will have complete access to contacting me to help you trouble-shoot any situation that causes a concern for you. Even though the business is organized to give you all the critical components to begin your sport psychology consulting business, questions may still arise that you need clarified. My consulting fee is $250/hour, but it will cost you nothing as a part of your Charter Membership. You can call me at 1-402-334-1676 or email me at Brennan160@cox.net.


So let’s review your Charter Business Membership benefits again...

  1. Identity and Foundation Basic Business Packages value: $13,470.
  2. Value of time saved by joining the GROUP: $257,920.
  3. Bonus Package #1: Receive a lengthy list of potential sources of clients.
  4. Bonus Package #2: Receive a list of effective introductory communication approaches that will get you in the door with potential clients.
  5. Bonus Package #3: Personalization of all Content items.
  6. Bonus Package #4: Unlimited access to Dr. Steve Brennan for any reason.

The process for becoming a Charter Business Member of the ELITE SPORT PSYCHOLOGY GROUP ™ begins on the next page. Fill it out and join today to receive all your great benefits, and to become the INDEPENDENT BUSINESS OWNER you always wanted to be!


The umbrella organization supplying the sport psychology talent pool for the gamesMINDship™: Worldwide Sports Psych Network is The ELITE Sport Psychology Group™. 

Member benefits will include the following:

1.  Name placement in the gamesMINDship™ Professional World Directory, a comprehensive online listing of sport psychology consultants worldwide along with their specialty services and contact information.

2.  Opportunity for members to list their sport, health, and exercise psychology retail products like books and audio/video educational resources in the Sport Psych Library™ products section.

3.  Opportunity to submit video reports/teaching segments for pay on sport psychology, health psychology, and exercise psychology topics that will be broadcast on the network.

4.  Opportunity to be included in the list of sport psychology consultants chosen to participate in the network’s premier program, The Sport Psychologists™.

5.  Opportunity to be included in the list of sport psychology consultants chosen to participate in the network's daily program, Sport Psych Central™.

                                                              One Year Charter Membership: $99.00  

      You can register to join the Video Channel Membership for gamesMINDshipon the following page.  Contact Dr. Steve Brennan with any questions at steve@peakperformanceconsult.com.